Life is more demanding than ever. We're outputting more than we ever have in human history, changing lives, building great things, raising the next world changers, yet we're still stuck with the same mediocre home products with high profit margins at the big box stores. You’ll find that you’re limited to one or two of the same old options for your everyday items, and that’s just not cutting it. By reimagining everyday products we elevate your every day lives.


It’s all the little things you take for granted every day, that can make vast improvements on your quality of life. When you sleep better – you live better. When cleaning becomes easier – you have more time and energy to do what you love. The sum of adding up all these improvements, results in elevating every day.


We LOVE what we do and we LOVE seeing our products elevate your lives. We’ll go to the far reaches to find the best products and partners. Every few months we’re back out on the road searching high and low for that one thing that will make life better. We apply over 20 years of manufacturing knowledge, expertise and obsessive attention to detail to every product we release. If it’s not good enough for our homes, we won’t sell it.

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As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I would Highly recommend this pillow for back and side sleepers. Not quite sure it would be suitable for stomach sleepers as it is a thicker pillow. The support I get from this pillow is perfect and forms to the shape of my cervical spine yet is very soft and comfortable. I have not woken up with any neck pain or headaches since I've been using this pillow. I hardly ever write feedbacks, but this definitely deserves a health professionals opinion. I will be recommending this pillow to my patients that I believe will benefit from it.


I bought one of your pillows late last year. I’m not easy to please. Most pillows feel too hard, too flat, too hot. I like your pillow so much that I just bought one as a birthday gift for my nit-picking geeky brother, who is only too happy to point out unnoticed flaws in just about everything. He told me today that he is thrilled with his new pillow, and he’s not waking up during the night with a hot, sweaty head. So, thank you for coming up with the rare appreciated birthday gift. I’m delighted to see the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.


Ok, Just another review right? Nope wrong. I am a retired licensed Physical Therapist. I was not paid to do this review. I had a cervical fusion in 2012 that went well but was looking for a pillow that really worked well. You Know, one that I could call my own. Solid memory foam or any other type of pillow failed. I'm kind of a tough guy, and figured I could mold a cheap pillow to support my neck properly. It was hit or miss and with movement no pillow would cooperate. I was intrigued by the shredded memory foam concept and decided to get me one of these. This pillow is flat out awesome. When it came, I thought I just bought a pancake. Sure, I knew it would expand and it did so very quickly. Kind of like watching bread rise in an oven. That was really cool. Then there was the new smell. It was noticeable but not terrible. I figured I would air it out and it took a couple days. No problem, since I waited a few years for the right pillow. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. My goodness, this pillow is extraordinary and then some. It's a good weight and size and it works. It works just like it is supposed to. It's PERFECT. Why? Because when you play with it , it plays fairly. It cooperates. It does what you need it to do. It let's you sleep like no other pillow out there. I sleep on my back mostly but sometimes on my side and this pillow knows what to do, SUPERBLY. It's amazing in everyway you could hope for. Let me end with a great big THANK YOU !!!!

William R.

I bought their body pillow and loved it so much that I bought one of these for my head to rest and another for my husband. I am a chronic pain patient dealing with severe nerve pain and the very first night a slept with this pillow under by head I did not flip from side to side like I have been doing for years. Over a year later and I'm still sleeping so much better. Instead of flipping from right to left, left to right, over and over again, I start on my right side and am usually still in that position when I wake. At most, I flip to my back. I love this pillow, my husband loves this pillow, my sister (purchased on my recommendation) loves this pillow. My son is using a less expensive brand of this pillow and there is just no comparison in quality. I wish I could have that decision back. My mom tried the pillow and didn't like it so I guess it's not for everyone, but it sure is right for me! When we travel (even when flying) I flatten the pillow as much as I can, roll it up and store it in the case it came in and take it with me. It's amazing how small this huge King size pillow can become. Unfortunately there is no amount of squishing that will allow me take my body pillow if we are flying. But driving? It goes where I go. Because restful sleep is NOT overrated!



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September 17, 2014 by Kevin Chon