I’m Eden, you could say that I’m the top of the line model here at Coop.  I keep you cool with my gel infused memory foam.  I also have a special blend of premium combed microfiber which makes me softer, cushier, and more luxurious than the others.  My gusseted cover makes me special, ensures full edge to edge support. 

  • Adjustable for perfect alignment
  • Safe - Certipur - US certified
  • Machine Washable

What's Inside the Eden Pillow?

The Case

With an added gusset, the Eden pillowcase creates more edge to edge support giving you a flatter platform for your head. Designed to breath and stretch, the soft, luxurious cover is easy to maintain, machine washable and hypoallergenic. Keep cool throughout with our signature LULLTRA™ fabric derived from bamboo, one of the world’s most sustainable woods.

The Liner

This is where the memory foam lives. While keeping everything together, punch, squeeze, push, or pull the foam to get your desired shape with ease thanks to the interlock fabric, which gives the liner two-way stretch giving you no restrictions and excellent breathability.

The Fill

Born in the USA, our CertiPUR-US certified, proprietary blend of memory foam is designed to give you the perfect balance of soft and supportive, only this time it’s cross-cut with microfiber and gel infused to keep you cooler longer while still giving you a down-like feel with support only memory foam can provide. The shredded properties make it breathable and allow the pillow to adjust to your needs, letting you add or remove as much foam as your heart desires.

Want more foam?

Get Aligned

33% of your life is spent in bed. Spend it aligned.

Too High
Too Low
Just Right
Too High
Too Low
Just Right
Too High
Too Low
Just Right


Adjustable Fill
5 Year Warranty
Gel-infused memory foam
Made in USA
Breathable Fabric
Machine Washable Cover
Removable Cover
Guaranteed not to go flat
Micro Fiber Fill
Dust Mite Resistant



My pillow is too high. What can I do?

No problem – open up that zipper on the side of your pillow. You will find an inner liner with a zipper – remove foam and adjust to your perfect height. Be patient as it can take some experimentation of removing and adding more foam to adjust to your unique needs.


Our pillows are designed to be as low maintenance as possible, but they still take some TLC to maintain the optimum height. If you have been sleeping on your pillow for a while, you may have to fluff it in the mornings while making your bed to get it back to its fluffy self. If that isn’t working, try throwing it into the dryer every so often on Low the tumbling around will get the foam revitalized back to its original loft. Still too flat? Contact us at customerservice@coophomegoods.com and we can assist you!

Should I use an additional Pillowcase?

The use of an additional pillowcase on our pillows is personal choice. Use of an additional pillow case can change the feel, distribution of fill and general properties of our pillow so experiment to find what meets your needs.

Our Promise

Every purchase comes with the Coop Guarantee, our promise to deliver uncompromising quality with real customer service.

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5 year warranty
Made in the USA
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