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With a 30 night sleep trial, you've got nothing to lose... except neck pain and sleepless nights.

GOODBYE restless nights, HELLO good mornings! You're perfect, we'll adjust to you.


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Read how the right pillow can change your night - and your life. (Their words - not Ours)

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We are truly in love! After all the years of searching and trying countless pillows we've finally found the perfect pillow that is completely adjustable to fit our ever-changing needs.

So, if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, face sleeper, couch sleeper, lazy boy sleeper, you NEED this pillow. I've tried hundreds and spent literally thousands on pillows, but this is THE ONE.

I'll start by saying I've owned this pillow for a year and I will never again own a different pillow. I have some neck issues and tried so many different brands of pillows, I was beginning to lose hope, that is until I purchased this product. This is the best pillow I have ever owned. I say that for multiple reasons.

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If you have shyed away from memory foam pillows in the past, the Coop Eden pillow will change how you think about foam pillows.

Customizable for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. One of the great things about this pillow is your ability to adjust the filling to achieve the ideal loft for you

The One Splurge That Transformed My Sleep

The # 1 Overall Pillow

Through our collective 15 night pillow test, there was one pillow that was the all-around winner - Coop Home Goods

I tried the best-selling pillow and now I’m buying 3 more of them