How do I wash my pillow? - King, queen, and body pillows

-To Wash: Wash pillow in cold water, delicate cycle, with no bleach or fabric softener.

Wash with two pillows to balance the washing machine or a large towel if only one pillow is available.

-To Dry: Dry on low heat. Make sure pillow is completely dry before use.

Should I use a pillowcase?

The use of a pillowcase on our pillows is up to personal preference. It will not

affect the support or properties of our pillows.

Should you decide to purchase a pillowcase, the dimensions of each of our

pillows are below.

How do I adjust the pillow?

First, watch our video on how to adjust your pillow.


If the pillow has too much loft, you can spread the shredded memory foam to the

sides of the pillow to reduce pillow height. To do this, center your palms above

and below the pillow. Then, sandwich the pillow and flap it up and down. Knead

the memory foam to the sides of the pillow to thin out the center. The loft will

move to the ends of the pillow reducing the height and making a perfect spot for

your head.

To increase the loft of the pillow, grab one end of the pillow and flap the pillow

back and forth to help the memory foam to bunch up. Knead the foam back to the

center and the loft will be restored.

How do I increase the “oomph” of the pillow?

Throw the pillow in the dryer on low for about 10 minutes: This should revitalize

the loft to like new levels.


How do I get rid of the “memory foam smell?”

Viscoelastic foam or memory foam tends to give off a smell when new. Because

the memory foam in our pillows is freshly manufactured and packed, it may give

off a slight smell when you open it. We suggest tumble drying the pillow on low

heat for an hour or two with a dryer sheet, or allowing the pillow to air out for a

day or two. If you place the pillow in a location where it will get direct sunlight,

this will also help.

What are the dimensions of the pillow?

The dimensions of our pillows are as follows:

Queen: 20 inches x 30 inches

King: 20 inches x 36 inches

Body: 20 inches x 54 inches

The depth of our king and queen pillows can range from 4 - 6 inches depending on preference.

The depth of our body pillow can range from 6 – 10 inches depending on preference.


What are the dimensions of the mattress protectors?

The AccuFIT Mesh band in our mattress protectors expands to fit mattresses up

to 18in deep.

The dimensions of our mattress protectors are as follows:

Twin: 39 inches x 75 inches x 15 inches

Full: 54 inches x 75 inches x 15 inches

Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches x 15 inches

King: 76 inches x 79 inches x 15 inches

California King: 72 inches x 84 inches x 15 inches

What are the pillow covers and mattress protectors made of?

The pillow covers and mattress protectors are made from 60% Polyester and

40% Bamboo Derived Rayon which is breathable and designed to help keep you and

your pillow cool through the night.

Do the pillows contain PBDE’s?

No. Our pillows do not contain PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). We

never want to expose our customers to toxic chemicals and manufacture our

pillows in California, where PBDE’s have been banned.

How long are the warranties for the pillows and mattress protectors?

Our king, queen, and body pillows have a 5 year limited warranty. Our mattress

protectors have a warranty of 15 years.


For any other questions not addressed here, simply contact us at customerservice@coophomegoods.com