Natural Charcoal Deodorizer - 2 x 100g (2 pcs)

  • For shoes, boots, gym bag or boxing gloves with FREE 30g travel sachet
  • Outer Cover 100% Linen and Lining is 100% non-woven SMS
  • THE BEST NATURAL WAY TO DEODORIZE - whether its in your shoes, stored luggage, linen closet, , gym bag, or boxing gloves the 2 x 100 gram mini charcoal deodorizers are the best way to purify the air of odors naturally
  • NO MORE STINKY SHOES AND BOOTS - the purifying properties of the activated bamboo charcoal prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture in small spaces
  • WORRY FREE and SAFE TO USE - unlike other potentially harmful chemical sprays, powders, air fresheners or perfumes that cover up the smell - the super porous charcoal works by absorbing odors and moisture. Safe near pets and kids, and non-toxic.
  • EASY SUSTAINABLE MAINTENANCE - Simply place your deodorizer in direct sunlight for 1 hour every 30 days. You can re-use these for up to 2 years with proper care, once its finished you can even use the bamboo charcoal in your garden.
  • BONUS GIFT - A 30 g sachet of the bamboo charcoal deodorizer is a great addition to the set and can be used in a drawer, purse, cupboard, taken with you while traveling or other small living space.
  • Imported




Can this little thing really help with my stinky ___________(fill in the blank)?

Yes - just make sure to stick it out in the sun every 30 days and find the right size for your needs. Use the free gift in your gym bag - or your linen cabinet to keep things nice and fresh.

Why Charcoal?

Charcoal has odor reduction, moisture absorption and neutralizing powers, they are eco-friendly and cost less overall than having baking soda.

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