Feedback Loop

Being the most reviewed pillow on the internet gives us more product feedback than anyone.

We combine customer feedback with our inhouse design expertise and testing to ensure the Coop pillow gives you the best rest of your life.

13k+ Reviews and Feedback
4 years of development
The Best Sleep of Your Life

Our Design Criteria


You are perfect, the pillow isn’t! We all don’t wear medium sized clothing, all sleep on our sides, or like mint chocolate chip. We’re different sizes, shapes, weights, positions. We believe your pillow should adjust to you.


Our bamboo derived viscose rayon fabric is designed to be extra breathable and not retain heat. The shredded & cross cut foam properties allow airflow through the whole pillow adding to breathability and sustained comfort through the night.


Our proprietary fill allows us to shape the pillow, allowing you to increase or decrease support wherever you need it the most.


We've tested countless densities to ensure the perfect balance between supportive and soft. Too supportive and your pillow feels like a brick. Too soft and your head hits the floor. Our pillows were made to be just right.


Our pillows are Certipur-US certified to ensure all our foam is free of flame retardents, harmful chemicals, and VOC's


With a 5 year warranty and a 30 night no questions money back guarantee, our pillows are built to last. Additional fill is availabile if you ever want to add some extra oomph..