Welcome to the COOP Sleep Challenge

A detox for better sleep


Welcome To The COOP Sleep Challenge


Sleep Personality Results:

The Spontaneous Snoozer

Spontaneous Snoozer

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You swear by the motto “You only live once.” When a friend calls you last-minute to meet up at the pub, you’re already halfway out the door by the end of the conversation.


As a Spontaneous Snoozer, you believe that life is too short to stick to a rigid routine, so you don’t mind sacrificing your sleep if it means you get to spend quality time with your pals.


Unfortunately, the midnight adventures catch up with you. Your days consist of random spikes of energy mixed with long yawns due to your erratic sleep habits. Your mind loves adventure, but your body loves consistency.


Once you commit to a set sleep schedule, you’ll enjoy sustained energy throughout the day and fall asleep quicker. We’ll show you how to do this and more in our free COOP Sleep Challenge.


Join us on our free 7-Day Sleep Challenge, a detox for better sleep.

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