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Meet Anita Yokota

Licensed Therapist & Interior Designer

Anita Yokota is a therapist-turned-HGTV designer whose work emphasizes thoughtfulness.

"For me, interior design always starts with WHY! As a licensed therapist & mama of three, I use the psychology of intention to design functional homes where we can deeply connect." -Anita

Design Inspiration

If anyone knows how to create a space that inspires a restful night's sleep, it's Anita Yokota. Which is why we're so delighted that she chooses Coop! When it comes to sleep health, Anita gets it. We believe every element of a home should be tailored around you -- especially your pillows.

That's why Coop's pillows are fully adjustable. We're mindful that everyone sleeps differently. Whether you're a back, stomach, or side-sleeper, our cozy pillows will keep you in perfect alignment.

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