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Meet Anita Yokota

Licensed Therapist & Interior Designer

Anita Yokota is a therapist-turned-HGTV designer whose work emphasizes thoughtfulness.

"For me, interior design always starts with WHY! As a licensed therapist & mama of three, I use the psychology of intention to design functional homes where we can deeply connect." -Anita

Design Inspiration

If anyone knows how to create a space that inspires a restful night's sleep, it's Anita Yokota. Which is why we're so delighted that she chooses Coop! When it comes to sleep health, Anita gets it. We believe every element of a home should be tailored around you -- especially your pillows.

That's why Coop's pillows are fully adjustable. We're mindful that everyone sleeps differently. Whether you're a back, stomach, or side-sleeper, our cozy pillows will keep you in perfect alignment.

Shop our #1-rated pillows, for great sleep and improved overall wellness.

Shop Anita's Favorites

  • The Original
    The Original

    Product Title The Original

    14909 reviews

    Our bestselling adjustable pillow has helped thousands enjoy the best rest.

    Sale price

    $72.00 USD

  • The Eden
    The Eden

    Product Title The Eden

    2374 reviews

    Upgrade your sleep experience with our lofty, luxurious—and, of course, adjustable—pillow.

    Sale price

    $96.00 USD

  • The Original Pillow (2 Pack)
    The Original Pillow (2 Pack)

    Product Title The Original Pillow (2 Pack)

    1344 reviews

    Two of our groundbreaking adjustable pillows, made to align your spine and deliver unparalleled comfort.

    Regular price

    $144.00 USD

    Sale price

    $130.00 USD

  • The Eden Pillow (2 Pack)
    The Eden Pillow (2 Pack)

    Product Title The Eden Pillow (2 Pack)

    400 reviews

    Two of our plush adjustable cooling pillows to align your spine for unparalleled comfort.

    Regular price

    $192.00 USD

    Sale price

    $173.00 USD

  • Original Body Pillow
    Original Body Pillow

    Product Title Original Body Pillow

    300 reviews

    Cuddle your way to full-body support and all-night comfort.

    Sale price

    $80.00 USD

  • Sanctuary Pet Bed
    Sanctuary Pet Bed

    Product Title Sanctuary Pet Bed

    24 reviews

    Meticulously designed by pet parents to keep all animals cozy, comfy, and clean—while making life easier and more stylish for humans.

    Sale price

    $170.00 USD

  • Original Toddler Pillow
    Original Toddler Pillow

    Product Title Original Toddler Pillow

    144 reviews

    A pint-sized version of our Original Pillow, made to support your child.

    Sale price

    $35.00 USD

  • Silk Pillowcase
    Silk Pillowcase

    Product Title Silk Pillowcase

    29 reviews

    With the Silk Pillowcase's glimmering, smooth surface, you can snooze all night without dreading frizzy hair or sleep lines in the morning.

    Sale price

    $92.00 USD