DJ Coop Presents: Wake Up Beats

DJ Coop Presents: Wake Up Beats

The sun has just risen, and a soft beam of light seeps through the curtains and nudges you awake. You open your eyes to a brand new day. With arms outstretched and crazy bedhead in full force, you rise from your bed and wander to the kitchen, lured by a whiff of fresh coffee. After pouring yourself a steaming hot cup, you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and set your intentions for the day.

Now that we've set the scene for you, press "play" below to begin our playlist that'll start your morning off mellow and upbeat, as all mornings should be.

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  1. @John M.W. Aldridge – Hi John, our customer experience manager has emailed a return label, so you can package the pillow back up in any packaging that it’ll fit in and use that label when sending it back via UPS.

  2. Hello,
    Last month I purchased two pillows. I love mine, however, my wife is not comfortable with hers despite several changes to the filling. We would like to return hers. Can you send a label or what ever we need to do?
    Best regards, John

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