Matt's Gift Guide for the Tech Lover

Matt's Gift Guide for the Tech Lover

Hi! My name is Matt, and I am the CHG marketplace manager. I enjoy the finer things in life, like enjoying a nice glass of Barefoot Moscato while caressing a soft cat. If there is a new gadget or widget, I’ve got it. In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, trying new food, and just being outdoors with my dogs.

I’m currently looking for new friends in the Los Angeles area. If you are interested, text me at 614-205-6848.



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1. Tile Mate | $35.58

I’m a disorganized mess, but it’s okay because it means I’m a genius (backed by science).

The one thing I always know, thanks to Tile, is where my most important items are. No more calling your credit card companies to cancel all your cards due to a lost wallet or being stuck at home for a few days because you have no idea where your keys are. Seriously, if your life is a mess, get these and thank me later.




2. Chemical Guys Eco Wash Kit | $49.99

If you are are a car fanatic, you must have this. It makes simple, in-between washing hassle-free. Bird poop, water spots, and tree sap are no problemthe special pressurized spray applies the perfect amount of formula every time. Make sure your car is always looking its best with this amazing kit.




3. Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit | $179.98

These will change your life!

Have you ever seen a perfect Hawaiian sunrise? Well, if you have a picture of it, these lights can recreate it so you can wake up to that Hawaiian sunrise every morning. Too lazy to get out of bed to turn off the light? No worries, Siri will take care of it for you.

Get set up for a movie night in one simple step by telling Alexa to play a movie. At the blink of an eye, all your lights will dim and ambient colors will turn on behind your TV for a cinematic experience like never before.




4. Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USb-C | $69.99

If you're like me, all of your devices are always with you and almost drained. This portable battery packs a punch and allows you to charge your Macbook on-the-go. It's capable of fully charging your Macbook, iPhone, and iPad all from one single charge, so it's perfect for long trips or to have in your backpack for emergencies.




5. Yi Outdoor Security Camera | $79.99

If you’re like me and order multiple things a day from Amazon, porch pirates are your number one enemy. Keep them at bay with this WiFi-enabled outdoor security camera that is simple to set up.

Added bonus: you’ll know not to answer the door when Freddy up the street wants you to buy magazines to support his nonexistent football team. 

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