Kevin's Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Kevin's Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer
Camping Gift Guide


I’m a lover of all things outdoors and am someone who would be completely happy living outside all year long with the occasional shower. I believe in quality over quantity, the phrase “cry once, buy once,” and that a more expensive item doesn’t always mean it’s better.


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1. Anker Flashlight | $25.99

    Turn night into day with this ultra-powerful flashlight, which includes a lithium rechargeable battery.



     2. Flash Personal Cooking System | $93.46

    Compact, efficient, and fast! When you need to cook in the back country while backpacking, this is the way to go.



    3. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler | $299.99

    Yes, it's expensive, but it's bombproof and will hold ice for daaays. Buy once, cry once, and make your cooler the envy of all others.



    4. Gerber StrongArm Knife | $69.99

    This survival knife is a definite must for prepping dinner and fending off the wild.




    5. Husqvarna Wooden Carpenter’s Axe | $54.99

    For chopping wood or hammering in tent pegs, an axe is a universal tool for the campground.



    6. Coop Home Goods Camping and Travel Pillow | $29.90

    Bring the comfort and luxury of home wherever you go. You don't know how important a pillow is until you sleep without one. The Coop pillow brings the ultimate luxury of home in a compact package. It’s also machine washable and adjustable for all body types and sleep positions.




    7. Streamlight LED Hand Lantern | $34.99

    LED is the new king of lighting—it’s battery-efficient, super bright, and safe for the tent.



    8. Coleman Classic Propane Stove | $42.88

    As an old-school classic, the phrase “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” certainly applies to this stove. Cost-effective, durable, and classic.



    9. Naturehike Lightweight Camping Tent | $250.00

    A four-season tent for a three-season price.



    10. Supernova Halo LED Camping and Emergency Lantern | $24.97

    This is the perfect tent light to hang when it’s time to go inside the tent.



    11. Platypus GravityWorks 4.0 Liter High-Capacity Water Filter System | $119.90

    There’s no need to take the heavy water filter that you need to pump for an hour for a few cups. This water filter is gravity fed, fast, and does the work for you.



    12. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Multifunction Digital Sport Watch | $112.99

    Never get lost with this watch! It shows you your altitude, has a compass, and its barometer warns you of any weather changes.



    13. Terralite Portable Camping Chair | $54.99

    Sure, a rock works as a chair, but certain camp luxuries are worth taking. This chair is compact and lightweight without sacrificing comfort.



    14. Stainless Steel Tumbler | $11.95

    Whether you want to keep your drink cold or hot, this insulated cup will make sure your drink stays perfect in the outdoors.



    15. Paria Outdoor Products Recharge Sleeping Pad | $69.99

    Most people think the sleeping bag is what keeps you warm, but without an insulated sleeping pad, the ground will chill you to the bone.




    16. Outdoor Vitals Down Sleeping Bag | $239.97

    Down sleeping bags cost more, but last much longer, pack down smaller, and are generally warmer. This bag brings the benefits of down at a great price.



    17. Black Diamond Storm Headlight | $37.96

    Whether you're out in the woods or under your truck, you want to keep your hands free. Black Diamond makes battery efficient, super bright headlamps with a red light option to preserve night vision.



    18. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock | $25.95

    This is another luxury that takes your camping game to the next level. A hammock is great for an afternoon siesta.



    19. Leatherman Skeletool Multitool | $59.95

    It’s lightweight so you can always have it with you, but there’s enough tools to get you out of any snag.



    20. Osprey Backpack | $260.00

    When your home is on your back, you want to make sure it's lightweight, durable, and comfortable. This is not an area where you want to skimp.

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