Amy's Gift Guide for the Photographer

Amy's Gift Guide for the Photographer


Ayye-mi here. I doodle and look at pretty stuff at CHG. In my down time, I love to go take photos and shopping. This year, I have a couple things I would love for Christmas.


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1. 17-55mm f2.8 Canon Lens | $829.00

I fell in love with this lens when I had a chance to try it for a weekend for one of my photo shoots. The photos came out nice, and I didn’t even have to adjust anything.




2. ZARA Gift Card | Any budget

A Zara gift card with any amount is appreciated. I mean, the more the merrier, am I right?




3. CHG Travel Pillow | $29.99

Easy to carry for those all-day photoshoots when you just want to bust out that awesome pillow and nap in front of the beach.





4. 128gb SD Cards | $44.59

You really can’t have enough SD cards, just like hair ties.



 5. Pantone Booklet | $134.95

A tool in life that every designer should have. It helps you search up color and know how it looks in person when it’s printed, or else you have to blame the printer.

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