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Introducing the Sanctuary Pet Bed

After years of prototyping, researching, and sleeping (hey, it’s our job) — we came up with your dog’s new best friend.


Sleep Well, Wake Up Weller

One-size-fits-all sleep products can lead to aches, grogginess, grumpiness, and poor sleep overall—our adjustable pillows make it easier to get a good night’s rest.

The original pillow
Product Image

The Original The Original

Best for side sleepers, movers
Support type
Adjustable fill cross-cut memory foam & microfiber

Sale price

$72.00 USD

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The Eden pillow
Product Image

The Eden The Eden

Best for back sleepers, stomach sleepers
Support type
Adjustable fill cool gel-infused memory foam & microfiber

Sale price

$96.00 USD

Restful Nights, Zestful Days
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Male laying with body pillow

Healthy Sleep Is Our Love Language

From body aches to moodiness to exhaustion, we understand the pains of a restless night. Sleep is an essential part of being your best self—and that’s not just an observation, it’s a proven fact.

The Most
5-Starred Pillows in America